Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, is a progressive and spiral scheme of learning. In planning the lessons, Jigsaw PSHE ensures that learning from previous years is revisited and extended, adding new concepts, knowledge and skills, year on year as appropriate.

PSHE Overview

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At Laceby Acres Primary Academy we recognise that PSHE is essential to everyday life Our PSHE sequence of work aims to equip pupils with essential skills for life. It intends to develop the whole child through carefully planned and resourced lessons that develop the knowledge, skills and attributes pupils need to protect and enhance their wellbeing. Through a series of weekly lessons, pupils learn how to stay safe and healthy, build and maintain successful relationships and become active citizens who participate in society responsibly.

 The curriculum reflects the specific needs of the pupils who attend Laceby Acres amidst the current climate ‘post covid’.  We believe the pandemic has had a lasting and significant effect on our pupil’s wellbeing and subsequently we have tailored our curriculum to tackle this issue.

We have adopted the Jigsaw scheme of work as a foundation for building our own bespoke PSHE curriculum.  

PSHE at Laceby Acres

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PSHE Planning

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