Vision Statement

Reach for the Stars!

We aim to ensure that pupils leave Laceby Acres Academy having a sense of their own special individuality.  Our children are taught to challenge self imposed restrictions. They are encouraged to foster high aspirations and develop positive self esteem, enabling them to leave our school secure in the knowledge that the world is at their feet.

We motivate and inspire pupils through creative teaching which is innovative and well paced.

We endeavour to remove barriers to learning and expect that children in our community reach their full potential judged upon a range of measures including national standards.

At our school, we teach pupils to take responsibility for their own actions; children understand that they have choices and learn to evaluate the consequences of the decisions they make.

All members of the school, including pupils, parents, staff and governors, recognise that they hold a stake in our school and the wider community. We are all committed to establishing a life-long love of learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world.

Our Aims

Creativity: We aim to have the freedom to be able to enjoy, express feelings and seek solutions.

Enjoyment: We aim to have fun and feel enthusiastic at school.

Responsibility:  We aim to develop independence enabling us to take ownership of our own learning.

Compassion: We aim to develop trust and respect between everybody in our school.

Co-operation: We aim to work together to achieve an overall purpose.