At Laceby Acres Primary Academy we value our children’s ideas. As a school we appreciate their initiatives that allow our school to move forward. We value their dedication and commitment allowing them to take on roles and responsibilities that enhance personal growth.

The pupils support the school by leading on areas that they feel passionate about. Our teams consist of children from Foundation Stage, Phase 2 and Phase 3 who all bring their unique strengths and personalities that contribute to the ethos of our school.

Each year pupils elect representatives for their year group to by a school councillor. Every child has the opportunity to be a school councillor. Being a member of the school council allows pupils to develop confidence and responsibility.

Our pupils are encouraged to: 

  • Promote healthy, safer lifestyles 
  • Develop good relationships rooted in mutual respect
  • Have a voice and share their views 
  • Prepare to be active citizens in the wider world

Our school council gives pupils the experience of: 

  • Planning, monitoring and preparing small projects
  • Debating, speaking and listening skills

Our pupils are passionate about ensuring we look after our planet. They understand that we all have an important role in preserving the planet for future generations. The elected Eco-Committee are responsible for making sure we are energy efficient and reduce waste.

Reading Ambassadors

At Laceby Acres, reading it at the heart of our curriculum. Each class has a selected Reading Ambassador who shares their love for reading and books with their fellow pupils. The reading ambassadors ensure the library and reading areas are kept tidy and well-stocked. A part of their role they read with pupils during lunchtimes and take their very own briefcase on to the playground at breaks and lunchtimes. 


Subject Ambassadors

Our Subject Ambassadors work alongside the teacher subject leaders to promote, celebrate and foster positive attitudes towards learning. They are role models and leaders in learning, raising the profile of their subject and highlighting excellent learning and work from others. 


Friendship Ambassadors

At Laceby Acres, Friendship Ambassadors have a responsibility of making sure all children have someone to play with. They support anyone who is feeling sad or lonely and help to develop friendships. The Friendship ambassadors support playtime games and activities. 

Our Y6 children apply for the role of prefect and are given different roles and responsibilities to carry out throughout the school. They can support with the dining hall at lunch, monitor corridors and cloakrooms during break time and take responsibility for ensuring communal areas are stocked and tidy. They are role models for the younger children and promote high standards of behaviour and learning.